Spray Tanning

For the best possible spray on tan result, Tuscan Tan highly recommends these following tips…

Before your spray on tanning application:

  • Exfoliate your skin with Tuscan Tan’s Exfoliating Sugar Scrub to effectively cleanse the skin and gently slough away dry, dead or aged skin cells, which will expose a smoother texture and a healthier more youthful looking appearance. This step is vital in preparing the outer most cells of the skin to be most receptive to the spray on tan solution during application. Please do not use any other exfoliants as they may contain oils or emollients, which may leave a residue on the skin acting as a barrier, hindering the result. Gloves & Loofahs are simply inadequate. We also highly recommend exfoliation over 2-3 consecutive days prior to the spray on tan application to maximize results, especially if you do not exfoliate regularly.
  • If you wax you need to be waxed at least the day before your tan. If you shave please exfoliate after shaving because some shavers have a moisturizing pad on them.
  • After showering, please ensure that the skin is free of all traces of product residue. Do not apply any products to the skin such as moisturizer, perfume, deodorant, or makeup as this will hinder the result.
  • Regular customers that have a spray tan every fortnight or so should apply clear nail varnish to finger/toe nails as the solution may slightly discolor the nails over a period of time.
  • Please bring with you, loose dark clothing and thongs to put on after the tanning session. Tight clothing, shoes, bras and boots may rub the tan away before it has had time to take properly.
  • Any spray tan stains will wash out in cold water.

During the spray on tan application:

  • We recommend that you wear dark colored “brief” underwear during the application, or if you prefer just your birthday suit to avoid tan lines. All our therapists are quite okay with that.

After the tanning application:

  • You are able to dress straight after a Tuscan Tan spray on tan, as it will be virtually dry.
  • The spray on tan takes between 6 and 8 hours to adjust to your own individual skin variations and complete the darkening process. Please do not shower or exercise causing perspiration for at least eight hours after application.
  • Please do not apply perfume, moisturizer, deodorant or makeup within the same eight hours.
  • After the eight hour period you may shower, however we do recommend that you wash your skin daily with Tuscan Tan’s PH Balanced Skin Wash, as the skin needs to maintain a healthy PH Balance to ensure correct moisture levels are maintained. Please do not use soap, high lathering body wash, Glycolic or Alpha Hydroxy acids on the skin whilst showering as this may cause the tan to fade prematurely, wear unevenly, or alter in color.
  • After each shower throughout the duration of the tan, just pat the skin dry using your towel as apposed to rubbing, which may cause reduced longevity.
  • After application, please avoid hot baths, Jacuzzis or swimming for extended periods in chlorinated water. This will reduce the tan’s effectiveness.
  • Most importantly! Moisturise twice daily. We highly recommend Tuscan Tan’s Tinted Tan Extender lotion. It is fortified with moisture rich ingredients to provide nourishment to the skin leaving it soft, smooth and supple. It also has Tuscan Tan bronzers and a subtle hint of pearlescent shimmer, which will extend the life of the Tuscan Tan spray on tan even further whilst giving the skin a youthful dewy radiance.

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